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Rising Eon - E​.​P.

by Jonathan Miller

Universe 04:05
You used to call me every night on the phone Tell me you want me 'cause you're all alone I didn't know back then that you could lie Until I found you with some other guy Now here you are trying to get me back like the rest But as you can see you've left me unimpressed You could've wished on every star But wishing won't get you very far You played me for a fool before But this isn't your world anymore [Chorus] In this Universe of you and me When it gets cold guess who has to freeze? I'm more human than you'll ever be In this Universe, In this Universe In this Universe of you and me You're below the grounds, your below the seas Every black hole wants to take their piece In this Universe there's no "You and Me" You used to kiss me like you wanted more Little did I know it was of the guy next door You'd come on over then lie and leave Oh baby, you can't do that to me The moon is rising and the stars have aligned The sun is saying, "You're a waste of time" Your nebula of Hell I felt was just one card that the Dealer dealt But my galaxy is a royal flush You lost the game and hope for an "us" [Chorus] You used to call me every night on the phone Now here's a finger for you to phone home [Chorus] There's no "You and Me" There's no "You and Me" There's no "You and Me"
I can see you watchin', starin' over here at me If you wanna play then get the hell up off your seat You can be the driver If you know just what I mean Tell the DJ turn it up and swing your body next to me [Chorus] Let the music take you over We can get it right You can use it, make me hotter You got what I like Free that sexy little devil Make me blow my mind If You're on the Same Level Dance with me tonight Been around the world but I ain't seen no one like you Got me so asphyxiated wa-watching ya move Like a cannon, baby, I'm about to come unglued Explode this curiosity I have all over you [Chorus] If you feel the waves that I've been passing to you Reciprocate how you're feeling by the way you move If you know what I mean, touch me here tonight If You're on the Same Level Take me for a ride [Chorus 2x]
I peer into the flame I see an empty cage My Spirit calls your name Waiting for the day You'll return the call and it won't hurt at all This distance is so far I can't hear your heart Breathing is too hard It's tearing me apart My Spirit can't survive When you're not by my side I'm inside a cave I can't touch your face It's too hard to see My soul is dead asleep I miss you, I need you back I wish you were here 'cause without you I cannot last My Spirt is in chains Bound into this place I can't hear your voice Silence fills this void I'm ice frozen cold Waiting 'til I'm old For a day that won't Ever arrive, this I know... My Spirt is in chains Bound into this place I can't hear your voice Silence fills this void I need you (x5)
It came out before I knew what would go down Here You stuck right by me, babe Don't know what I'd do if I hadn't found you Could I really pull through? Life wouldn't be the same I have tried to make a difference in my life So I don't know why I got this outcome You always were here to bring me back and see clear Into a world that I feared Where there is no sun There's gonna be delays But somehow I will find my way [Chorus] A connection made way back when We faced the truth time and time again Heart beats faster when you walk near me Just your touch makes it stop suddenly They all say, "Stop! It isn't right" But they don't know that we are Intertwined In your eyes I can swim the open skies Get away from the cries And learn to smile What I behold is a world full of gold Where my story unfolds and dangers are worthwhile There's gonna be delays But with you I am gonna find my way [Chorus] Just you and I, We're Intertwined Every time I float down I wanna run away But then you come around and somehow I stay I wonder if you're real Am I in a dream? This life with you is surreal Where love is always seen When times got rough we should've said goodbye But we hung on through the tough now we're Intertwined We are... [Chorus]


The first of 3 extended plays, "Rising Eon" is a preview of Jonathan Miller's new direction and return to the dance-pop genre. From beginning to end, the 5-song EP takes place right where "This Summer Air" left off.

"Graduation" is the slamming electronic track about moving on and getting even with someone who has wronged you. "Universe" continues the theme of revenge and "If You're on the Same Level" is an up tempo dance-pop number perfect for the club scene.

The E.P. also features 2 updated versions of Jonathan's past music as well. The 2010 Version of "Spirit" (taken from "This Summer Air") has been completely revamped into a techno track while still keeping the eeriness and dark tone of the original. Jonathan sings of the loss of a loved one and echoes the sorrow and feeling of wishing they would return.

The 2010 version of "Intertwined" (the title track from Miller's debut album) keeps the original music with brand new vocals. The difference between the versions is tremendous and reflects Jonathan Miller's vocal growth in the three years since it's original release.

Overall, "Rising Eon" truly represents the beginning of a period of growth for Jonathan Miller. For fans, this is a wonderful segue between acoustic rock "This Summer Air" and Miller's dance pop "The Space Between."


released July 27, 2010

Producer: Jonathan Miller
Management: Robin Miller

**All songs written by Jonathan Miller (© Venus Songs (ASCAP))


all rights reserved



Jonathan Miller Portland, Oregon

Jonathan Miller is an American Dance Pop Artist with a unique Futuristic and Outer Space inspired twist!

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